Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cycle high adventure - GAP - Day 1

I need to cover yesterday our drive day.
We all loaded into the vans at PVUMC at 3pm and started our adventure.
We had dinner at the Cambridge OH McDonald's. And finally arrived about 9:30pm in Frostburg, MD (trails inn)
Weather was looking good so we all like the idea of sleeping under the stars without a tent.  SAVED  us from carrying tents up the hill and then setting them up.
I can say the weather for cast was correct and we stayed dry, our big problem was bugs.  Let's just say no bug went hungry last night.  I am not sure if the blue moon helped the bugs see us better or not.
This morning we woke at the Crack of dawn, broke camp and started prepping for our ride.  Had breakfast and then hit the trail after a few photos.
We rode past the mason Dixon line, big savage tunnel and the easten contential divide. 
Had lunch in myersdale, pa at joe greens. We all but Mr t.  had a the special.  Nathan and Christopher had an ice cream pie and would not share :(. 
After lunch we had just about 28 miles to rode to our campsite, here in confluence. 
We setup camp and finished off dinner.  Now enjoying the weather as it gets dark.
Have a good night.

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