Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summercamp Camp Freedom - Day 3, Heritage scout reservation, Farmington, PA

Tuesday (day 3)
The rain returned last night, for about 2 hours we had a mix of hard and light rain.  Temps were actually warmer than Sunday night.
Breakfast was eggs, sausage, cerial and hashbrowns.
the morning was had on and off sprinkles, but no major so far,  hoping the rest stays dry.
lunch was chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, greenbeans and pudding.  We had a safety drill following lunch.  The 2pm merit badges have started.
it was shower day so everyone who did not already take a shower had to get one.  For for the next few hours camp smells nice.
Dinner was roast beef, roll, steak fries, carrots and salad.  Dessert was poked cake.
Rain has start again looks like a storm blowing thru and won't last long.
chapel was moved to the dinning hall due to the storm.
we are all back at camp and it looks like most stayed dry.  :)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Summercamp Camp Freedom - Day 2, Heritage scout reservation, Farmington, PA

We have a nice break in the weather.  Woke up to our low for the day at 50f.  Nice and dry night, just a little chilly.
Breakfast was frech toast, ham, and cerial.  Looks like most kids ate nicely.
Merit badge classes have started.

lunch was cheeseburger, fries , salad, and applesauce.

short break after lunch followed by more merit badges.

4pm Weather is starting to cloud up :(  we are hoping the storms go around us.  Fingers crossed.

Nathan had some shoe repair, so now he has some silver shoes.

7:45 pm

Dinner was fried chicken chunks, mashed potatoes and gravy.

The troop divided into two groups tonight working on camp wide games.  One group looked for the hidden idol while the other group competed in the individual games.

The magic cards have started and they are trying to light a fire.  Rain is forcasted in the next hour but we are hoping it will stay dry for the rest of the night.