Sunday, April 13, 2014

2014-04-13 Blue Springs Cave - Bedford, Indiana

Troop 402 Overnight adventure to Blue Springs Caverns

Saturday April 12 to Sunday April 13, 2014 

Bedford, Indiana

     Troop 402 went caving at Blue Springs caverns this weekend.  We slept in the cave on bunk beds.  Our troop went back outside for a short hike to learn about the sink holes that help keep the water the cave.   We then came back inside the cave and saw a slideshow of the cave exploration along with a demo of the caving gear.  We had some free-time and then went to bed.
     The staff woke us up early to go on the caving adventure which was rescheduled from the night before due to the high water / flooding.    During our wild tour we had to walk threw water about knee deep due to the flooding ,but luckily the crawling part was dry except the water we carried in our boots.   After the great tour we went back to the bunk area, changed and then had our breakfast.   We had a big Texas cinnamon roll, eggs, sausage and OJ.   Then headed home with our 3 hour drive.    
- Nathan S. (Tenderfoot Scout)