Friday, July 3, 2015

Summercamp Camp Freedom - Day 6, Heritage scout reservation, Farmington, PA

Day 6 (Friday)
Last night was great.  Weather was nice and chilly, but not cold.  We had a great campfire last night that kept us nice and warm.

Breakfast this morning was a sausage egg and cheese bagel.

It's finish up merit badge today, so the kids should be checking with their councilors. 

Lunch today was walking taco's

after lunch we had a few more dry hours before the rain started as a drizzle and built to a downpour during dinner.  It rained and rain for the next 2 hrs.  Needless to say closing campfire was moved to the dining hall.

we have returned to camp to find only a pillow is wet.  :)

Now the closing night of magic has started.

We will getting up early to star breakdown and hopefully leave by  9am.

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