Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summercamp Camp Freedom - Day 4, Heritage scout reservation, Farmington, PA

Wednesday  (day 4)
Today we woke up to Reveille  and our returning Polar Bear swimmer (Blake).  He took a swim this morning at 6:15, so that means that Mr. Toranto and Nick and Blake woke up at 5:45am.  I can say I woke up also but quickly turned over an went back to sleep.
Breakfast today was waffles with toppings and bacon.  The scouts are off to a foggy morning of merit badge class.

lunch today was special recipe sloppy joe, salad and fruit salad.

a few scouts are working on inventing merit badge, so you can see the lighted hammer and spork like devise.

this afternoon was busy and dry.  All merit badges are running at full speed.  Scouts are now adjusted to the schedule so you will see more Scoutmaster rest periods :)  

some of us used our open program to improve our skills in archery.  Kiefer even outscored the program director (Jarrett) at camp.  Sorry to say Nick still did not out score me, even with his straight line of shots.

Dinner tonight was our steak cookout at our campsite.  There was lots of great stakes to go around.

Dessert was cobbler apple and cherry.  Mmmm.

we rushed down to flag lowering after cleaning up for dinner.   We then went to the OA Tapout, which was a very nice.

we are now back at camp enjoying the great weather.

Good night all.

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