Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cycle high adventure - GAP - Day 4

Buena Vista, PA to Pittsburgh, PA
Miles rode = 30.79

Lots of Storms Last night :(   We got a little wet hanging in our Hammocks.
Fog in the morning and some damp trails
We took the gear back to Buena Vista then started down the trail.
Rode to Boston, had a short break, then back on the trail.
A short ride from Boston the trail changes to a bypass an then some roads for about 2 miles.
We made it down to Pittsburgh about 1pm...

We finished.. :)

Trip Stats:
   152 Total Miles rode with about 20 hours on the bike (this include breaks etc..)

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  1. Eric! This is great! Awesome that you and the troop are doing this! Great job to all of you! Wish I could join in! Thank you for sharing! - Dawn L.