Saturday, November 1, 2014

2014 - Hiking Merit Badge - 20 Mile Hike

Mr. Ron's Hiking Merit Badge 2014 - 20 mile hike

Well, the weather couldn't keep Seth down, he completed the 20-mile hike today!  Wahoo!  When you see him, give him your congratulations, it was quite a feat!
We started this morning at 8am.  The temperature was 34 and the wind chill was 25.  It was cloudy all day, and we never saw the sun (but we did see snow - on the ground and in the air).  But, because we are all well prepared Scouts and Scouters, the temperature, the snow, and the wind chill didn't set us back or cause us any problems.  We completed the 20-mile hike at 3:15pm, for a total time of 7 hours and 15 minutes.  When we finished, it had really heated up and was a balmy 38 with a wind chill of 29. 
Although there were several breaks for lunch, snacks, water, and rest, we'll be honest and say that it was better to keep moving than to sit and start getting cold... so the rests were fairly minimal.  Everyone was as healthy and happy as you can be after 20 miles (including the hills of Germantown Metropark).
Thank you very much to Mr. Grierson and Mrs. Weeber for taking the 20-mile trek with us today, and thanks also to Mr. Stelter who joined us for 8+ miles in the middle of the trek.
Time to go sit down and not move for awhile...
Ron Reazin

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