Saturday, February 14, 2015

February 2015 Horseback riding turn Museum Visit

Horseback Riding turned Champaign Lady visit

Saturday February 14, 2015

While having lunch in the fancy Bellefontaine McDonalds,  Marmon Valley called to let us know that our Horsback riding excursion would be canceled due to the weather.   We could understand, especially with the white-out conditions, blowing snow, and  falling temperatures (16F)    So, plans had to change.   We decided to visit the Champaign Aviation Museum since its on the way home.    It"s been about a year since our last stop at the Museum.  They have made great progress on the B-17.   We also had the pleasure to spend a few min with Red K, who described his service in the B-17 during WWII.  Red's description of his time in the B-17, really helped put it all in perspective.

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