Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 Owen Sound Trip

Troop 402 Owen Sound Trip

By Chris Grierson

A contingent of Boy Scouts and Leaders from Troop 402 based out of Parkview United Methodist Church recently spent the January 23-25 weekend in Canada participating in the Owen Sound Scouts Winter Camp.  In its 52nd year, the camp takes place in Harrison Park located in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada – the sister city of Miamisburg.

The Troop attends the Winter Camp every other year, generally combining with other local Scouts (this year with Miamisburg Troop 103) to help with expenses.  Traveling just over eight hours north by charter bus, the Scouts reached the Royal Canadian Legion hall in Owen Sound early Friday morning where they managed a few hours sleep and were fed a hot breakfast before heading to Harrison Park to set-up camp.

Shoveling over a foot of hard packed snow added to the time it took to clear space for tents and canopies, but once camp was set-up, there was still time in the afternoon to go sledding on the park’s large tobogganing hill.  The camp formally opened Saturday morning.  During the day, the main activity was a “rescue mission” where sled teams use their first aid, navigation, and survival skills to transport an injured person to safety.  Scouts also had the opportunity to compete at various stations in activities such as log sawing, fire building, knot tying, and orienteering.  At the camp’s Sunday morning closing ceremonies, awards are presented for best sled, most points scored in the rescue mission, and fastest times from the various skill stations.

The Scouts also get to go bowling Friday evening, attend an Ontario Hockey League game Saturday night, make friends with our Canadian neighbors, and experience camping in sub-freezing temperatures.

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