Saturday, March 22, 2014

2014-03-22 - Shooting Sports Campout - Miamisburg Gun Club, BSA Crew 357 - Twin Creek Metro Park / Camp Hook

Troop 402
Shooting Sports Campout

March 21 thru 23, 2014

Hosted by: BSA Crew 357 and Miamisburg Gun Club
Camping:   Little Turtle Campsite, Old Camp Hook, Twin Creek Metro Park


              During the shooting sports camp­out, BSA troop 402 enjoyed camping in Twin Creek Metro Park and spending time practicing shooting sports at The Miami Valley Gun Range. We arrived at the lodge early Saturday morning, and went through a safety talk with the instructors on range. During the safety talk we were taught the rules of the lodge and how to properly operate each gun, as well  as how to be safe doing it. Once we arrived at the on sight range we set up and shot .22 rifles for the first two hours. After a short lunch break we returned to the range and shot black powder rifles as well as several historic rifles such as, an M1 Garand, a Spanish Mauser rifle, and M1 Carbine. About mid-­afternoon we returned to our camp and having eaten dinner, we slept a for a second night in our tents. We returned to Parkview Church the following morning.
- Micah R. (Star Scout)

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