Saturday, February 22, 2014

2014-02-22 - Winter Sports Campout - Camp Manatoc Reservation BSA

Troop 402 adventure to
Camp Manatoc Reservation BSA,
Peninsula, OH

Troop 402’s February Outing
On the weekend of February 21-23,2014, Troop 402 had their Winter Sports outing. Though, there were not many sports involved weather permitting, we made the best out of what we had. We arrived late Friday night were we hiked a short trail up to our 2 room cabin on an icy path, but none the less, we all made it. We got the fire started and all seemed well for a nice night of sleep. The next morning we woke up around 7:30 and started making our warm breakfast. We soon realized that Winter Sports was out of the picture and we needed to decide if we were going to go tobogganing or to the Great Lakes Science Museum. After a majority vote, we headed of to the Great Lakes Science Museum.

We arrived at the Museum just after we planned to eat lunch, so we ate. We had buffet of pizza/salad and we found a spot where it was less crowded and we enjoyed our food. Soon after we all split up with our buddies and explored the museum. Though it was crowded, the exhibits were still rather enjoyable. Overall, a great place to spend our Saturday afternoon. We soon returned back to our campsite/cabin and had a little bit easier run with the trail. We each had our own meals planned out from the 2 (adults not included) patrols that attended.

We soon after relaxed and did various activities inside the cabin, since the outside was a little too slushy to do any activities outside. As the night went on, more heads started hitting the pillows and soon we were all sound asleep. We rose up sunday morning with a quick and easy breakfast. Soon enough, we were all packed up and back on the road. With the trip home always feeling shorter than the one up there, we arrived at Parkview church roughly around 11 a.m, where our outing came to an end.

-Kent R.(Troop Scribe)

Sun Rise over our cabin Birchbark Cabin

Trail of Ice on Friday night and Mud on Saturday night

Kendall Park - Ledges Loop trail
Slip Sliding away!

Great Lakes Science Center

Back to Camp

Dinner at Camp Manatoc

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